Yoga With Shannon

Ashtanga – A dynamic flowing style of yoga with a set sequence of postures. (Once the sequence is learned the practice will flow smoothly, and can become quite meditative.) It uses the synchronisation of movement and breath to create an internal heat designed to purify the body. With regular practice, you will notice improvement with strength, flexibility, and focus.

Vinyasa Flow – Inspired by Ashtanga, vinyasa (or Flow) yoga is a slightly faster paced yoga where the movements (asanas) are linked with the breath creating a flow.

Hatha – A gentle style of yoga moving from pose to pose without any flow between them.

Beginners Yoga – A slow paced class learning the basics. We focus on the fundamentals of yoga, proper alignment, breathing, and relaxation techniques. This class is perfect for anyone new to yoga, anyone who wants to go back to basics and build a more solid, confident, foundation to their practice, as well as anyone who is just looking for a more gentle, slower moving class.

Mindful Movement Yoga – In this class we work slowly and mindfully through the fundamentals of yoga postures and breathing techniques. There is a strong focus on the coordination of mind, body, and breath. This class promotes flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and control in mind and body alike. As always, class will end with a guided relaxation for a peaceful finish.

Restorative Yoga – This class combines deep stretching and relaxation and breathing techniques (Pranayama). We begin with breath awareness and mindfulness to bring about a sense of calm and focus, followed by gentle warmups. After warming up we practice yoga postures which are fully supported with props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks. The postures are sometimes held up to 5 minutes, targeting the body’s joints and connective tissue to allow for greater mobility and flexibility.  This practice is deeply nourishing, and  will complement any other yoga practice. It is also perfect for those who are recovering from injury or illness or who suffer with stress and anxiety. It is Suitable for all levels.