I can’t do yoga, I’m not good at it…

What is being good at yoga? Is it having the ability to touch your toes, or getting your leg behind your head? Is it nailing that perfect handstand, or having hips so open you can effortlessly sink down into the splits… The true answer to that question isn’t as clear cut as one may think.

I constantly hear people say they can’t do yoga because they’re no good at it. They haven’t the ability to put their hands any where near their toes, so they would never consider going into a yoga class. “I would be far too embarrassed to be next to someone like you”, I’ve been told. What they fail to realise is that “Someone like me” had to take their first yoga class, which then led to a committed and dedicated yoga practice. That over the years there have been blood, sweat, and tears, (Literally! Have you ever hit the corner of a table after losing your focus, as well as your balance, when in a headstand…?!? OUCH!) There were times when lying down in savasana was the only pose I could practice, equally, there were times when practicing savasana was the most difficult part of my practice.

Being good at yoga is showing up to class, or setting aside those fifteen minutes to do a few sun salutations and relaxation. Its being kind to the person next to you who is having a real shit of a day. Being good at yoga is showing commitment and dedication to becoming a better you. Yoga is breathing. Yoga is loving yourself, as well as others. If you are doing any of these things then you are better at yoga than you may think. So, if you haven’t tried yoga because you thought you weren’t good enough, maybe you should give it a go.