About My Classes

“Shannon’s warm and relaxed style brings out the best in all her students and her versatile and varied vinyasa flow classes allow you to grow as a yogi at your pace.”

– Natalie (Maidstone, Kent)

My classes are body positive and inclusive. All students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, meeting themselves where they are in the moment. Modifications and variations are always offered, creating an environment welcoming to all abilities. This creates a unique opportunity for beginners and longtime practitioners to practice as a community.

Below are descriptions of yoga styles I am currently offering in my classes.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – This class focuses on fluid transitions and movements by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. The flows can be dynamic, or slow and gentle. The sequences can be playful and creative, and no two classes are the same!

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement Yoga – In this class we work slowly and mindfully through a gentle sequence of yoga postures and breathing techniques. By bringing more presence into your practice, the focus is less on achieving the “perfect pose,” and more on moving the body in a way that feels therapeutic, so that you’re practicing in the way that is most beneficial to you in the moment. You should leave feeling energised and relaxed.

Stretch & Restore

Stretch and Restore Yoga – This class is designed to release deep layers of tension stored in the physical and energetic body. You will be led through a slow flow of postures, with some postures being held for several minutes to encourage the body to release and open without tension. Suitable for all levels, and perfect for those who like a slower paced class focusing on improving muscle strength and flexibility, and an enhanced state of mind. You will be left feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga – A dynamic flowing style of yoga with a set sequence of postures. (Once the sequence is learned the practice will flow smoothly, and becomes a moving meditation.) It uses the synchronisation of movement and breath to create an internal heat designed to purify the body. Practiced regularly, this powerful and healing practice will improve your strength, flexibility, and focus.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga – This class is deeply nourishing. It does not focus on stretching or strengthening, the focus is on releasing, self care, and self love. By combining supported restorative yoga poses, meditation, pranayama, and yoga nidra, you will be given the time and space to connect deeply with yourself.

Guided Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra – Yoga nidra or “yogic sleep” is a powerful guided meditation technique where you learn to relax consciously. It is a systematic method which aims to induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Anyone can practise Yoga Nidra at any time. I do not offer a “Yoga Nidra” class, but I use this incredibly healing and relaxing practice in my Slower, more Gentle,  and Restorative Yoga sessions.

I look forward to practicing together soon!

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